It is said

“Some people make things happen, others watch what happens, while others Wonder what has happened.”

I am sure I do not make things happen. Maybe I watch too often what is happening, but then I am sure many times I wonder what has just happened.

But mostly I want to keep in wonder and enjoy the wonders around me. I enjoy being my 9 year old self. I get to enjoy the simple pleasures and smile at the sunrise or the snow falling or the beauty of the mountains and water in this region.

I will always love Disney and Pixar. I will remain delighted at science fiction or fantasy because it shows new worlds and new possibilities. I do not need blood and gore or even sex or sexual conquests to be entertained. Those adventures are for adults who have lost the ability to enjoy themselves and the wonders which surround them. Give me sentimentality. Show me achievement and aspirations. But I do not need shows or movies to be entertained. I have the outside and being in nature. I love seeing water. I see the mountains and need to climb them. I enjoy the delight kids have. I enjoy writing and creating. I enjoy learning. Let me achieve. Let me aspire. Let me climb.


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